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  1. March 09, 1959: Barbie makes her debut
  2. March 13, 1942: U.S. Army launches K-9 Corps
  3. March 15, 1965: Johnson calls for equal voting rights
  4. Short-sightedness 'is an epidemic
  5. Can fish oils help fight prostate cancer?
  6. Total Solar Eclipse of 2015 Occurs This Week: How to See It..
  7. Site news/ Thanks to Highwayman
  8. Fast food giant struggles to keep customers
  9. Every movie and TV show that will expire from Netflix in September
  10. The sorry state of LTE in America: U.S. falls to #55 in global speed rankings
  11. All the new movies and TV shows coming to Amazon Prime for October 2015
  12. US deadline for EMV credit cards looming: What you need to know
  13. From pixels to pixies: the future of touch is sound
  14. Fingerprints reveal whether you're black or white:
  15. How MemSQL is helping push streaming data forward
  16. KickassTorrents Warns Users of “Malicious” Copycats
  17. Veterans Gather For Cannabis PTSD Treatment Awareness
  18. 'This winter will not be normal':
  19. New Orleans and Miami will be UNDER WATER within the next century
  20. How the internet killed Playboy
  21. Get ready for 'The Monster':
  22. One in three women admit they watch porn at least once a week
  23. Are we living in Back to the Future?
  24. Chip & PIN Fraud Explained - Computerphile
  25. Wife forced to have sex with 2,700 men:
  26. Why DO men cheat?
  27. Over-65s take three times as long to cope with distractions...
  28. How smoking cannabis raises the risk of STROKE:
  29. Man Jumps into Lake, His Bladder Ruptures When He Hits the Water
  30. Muslim truck drivers refuse to deliver beer, win $240,000 lawsuit
  31. 'advantage of her' sexually
  32. It’s not even November but Walmart is already getting ready for Black Friday
  33. Lovable chef in Happy Days, Al Molinaro dies age 96
  34. Man on £16k-a-year benefits blames Government for not encouraging him to work
  35. 'We never imagined this happening to our family':
  36. Demonising smokers DOESN'T work:
  37. inhabitat logo Inhabitat's Week in Green: Obama's Keystone XL pipeline veto
  38. How much does YOUR country eat,
  39. Charlie Sheen, secretly battling HIV
  40. America's enemies within:
  41. Charlie sheen confirms hiv-positive diagnosis
  42. Study: To avoid higher health law premiums, switch plans
  43. What do you do to protect YOUR cash ?!
  44. Dark Days: Vulnerable Europe Faces Crisis of Confidence
  45. The Most Important Question About ISIS That Nobody Is Asking
  46. Massive hoard of 4,000 Roman coins....
  47. Loophole lets the NSA spy on your email even though it’s not allowed to anymore
  48. Police are now using drones to apprehend suspects
  49. Are we really heading towards World War III?
  50. Winter weather continues buffeting Midwest
  51. U.S. government reveals breadth of requests for Internet records
  52. At Least 20 Victims Amid Active Shooting Incident in San Bernardino, California
  53. Could a hi-tech 'doomsday weapon' wipe out America?
  54. Smart guns: One answer to the mass-shooting epidemic?
  55. The E. coli outbreak linked to Chipotle has spread to nine US states
  56. How the San Bernardino terrorists tried to conceal their digital footprints
  57. Get ready for MEGA NIÑO:
  58. In hacking, the blame game is purely for entertainment
  59. Stanley Kubrick Estate Rubbishes ‘Confession’ Video About Faking The Moon Landings
  60. Marine now has flashbacks, violent outbursts and even tried to kill himself
  61. 'Anti-pee' walls in Hackney will splash offenders
  62. This could be the 'warmest Christmas of your lifetime':
  63. Six Signs That 2016 Will Be Much Worse Than 2015
  64. Christmas celebrations across the globe...
  65. Lemmy Kilmaster, Motörhead frontman, dies at 70
  66. Lemmy, lead singer of Motörhead, dies at 70
  67. Happy New Year! Stunning bursts of colour around the world as revellers usher in 2016
  68. Natalie Cole dead at 65: R&B singer was daughter of Nat King Cole
  69. Female teacher, 44, charged with sexually assaulting 16-year-old boy in her house...
  70. New York's only Chick-fil-A closes just three months after opening as ....
  71. How Donald Trump cut off medical treatment to his nephew's.....
  72. "Now Is The Time To Stand Up":
  73. Meanwhile In Texas: Celebrating The New Open-Carry Gun Law
  74. US files civil lawsuit against Volkswagen
  75. Seven N.Y. National Guard members arrested over recruiting bonus schemes
  76. No passport, no flight:
  77. Homeland Security sets 2018 deadline for accepting old drivers licenses at airports
  78. 1 In 3 Americans Slash Staples Spending To 'Afford' Obamacare
  79. Alan Rickman, giant of British screen and stage, dies at 69
  80. Twitter Sued by Widow for Giving ISIS a Platform
  81. Michigan gas stations have reduced gas prices down to below a dollar
  82. Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey, 67, dies
  83. 'Storm of a lifetime':Fierce blizzard unlike any seen for 20 YEARS
  84. It's here! 'life and death' Washington DC braces itself for record 30 inches of snow
  85. Jonas claims its first victims: At least 10 are killed by 'life and death'
  86. California cliffs crumble into the ocean amid violent El Nino storms
  87. Cashless payments: How one city has made electronic transactions pay off
  88. Why Lower Gasoline Prices Are Not Stimulating The Economy
  89. Earth, Wind & Fire Maurice White dies
  90. Hacker reportedly steals thousands of FBI, DHS employees'
  91. White House to hire its first chief information security officer
  92. Congress likely to give final OK to local Internet tax ban
  93. 'coldest temperatures in a decade'
  94. 'A giant of the law':
  95. Apple's FBI standoff:
  96. 51% of Americans are siding with the FBI in the case against Apple
  97. Country singer Sonny James, 87, dies in Nashville
  98. I don't watch the Oscars to get harangued.....
  99. Sports Authority Files For Bankruptcy, Will Close One Third Of Its Stores
  100. Former First Lady Nancy Reagan - actress, activist, icon and devoted wife
  101. Frank Sinatra Jr. dies of cardiac arrest while on tour
  102. Supreme Court rejects suit against Colorado over marijuana law
  103. Garry Shandling, 66, dies
  104. Indiana Just Moved to Ban the Abortion of Fetuses With Down syndrome
  105. 'prophet of God'
  106. California Says To Hell With Economics, Will Hike Minimum Wage To $15/Hour
  107. Boeing Will Terminate More Than 4,500 Workers
  108. Is A Gas War Between The U.S. And Canada About To Start?
  109. Uber CEO must face price-fixing lawsuit by passengers, U.S. court rules
  110. New York Follows California, Will Raise Minimum Wage To $15/Hour
  111. Huge data leak reveals the hidden wealth of the rich and famous
  112. Racial tensions erupt in Dallas.....
  113. Offshore Banking: How And Why To Get An Offshore Bank Account
  114. Here Are Some Of The Americans In The "Panama Papers"
  115. 'Megyn will demand a salary equal to Bill O'Reilly':
  116. Hacker From Oklahoma Pleads Guilty In DDoS Attack Case
  117. Lawyer who represented the ‘DC Madam’ releases names
  118. Did Led Zeppelin STEAL Stairway to Heaven?
  119. Invasion of the bugs:
  120. Theranos is reportedly under criminal investigation in the US
  121. the longest drugs passage EVER found
  122. Harriet Tubman will become first African-American on U.S. currency:
  123. High times! Marijuana activists gather across America for 4/20
  124. r.i.p Prince!!!!
  125. Fiat Chrysler recalls 1.1 million cars worldwide as the vehicles may roll away ....
  126. Mitsubishi has been cheating fuel economy tests for 25 years
  127. Prince 'was diagnosed with AIDS six months before he died
  128. John McCain staffer is arrested for 'running a METH LAB
  129. Junk in the trunk (supports): Nissan recalls 109,000 Rogues
  130. rampage across Maryland
  131. Man pleads guilty to HACKING 130 celebrities...
  132. Obama to order all public schools to allow transgender students
  133. 'America's Toughest Sheriff'
  134. FBI Agents Busted For Planting Hidden Surveillance Microphones In Public Places
  135. US To Send Troops, Weapons To Libya To "Fight ISIS"
  136. Congress wants to know if NASA can really get to Mars
  137. This is the world now: Suzuki also admits...
  138. La Niña is coming! Forecasts reveal massive pool of deep water moving across ..
  139. Beastie Boys founding member John Berry dead at 52 after suffering ....
  140. Here comes the sun! Summer scorcher on the way as La Niña finally ....
  141. Former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza collapses and dies on stage aged 51 during a show
  142. Eleven states - including Texas - sue Obama administration over federal guideline..
  143. First Photos Of US Soldiers In Syria Released
  144. US government study suggests link between phones and cancer
  145. Nation In Distress: US Death Rate Increased In 2015 For The First Time In A Decade
  146. 'Life threatening' heatwave grips the West Coast with triple-digit temperatures
  147. The U.S. States With The Highest Tax Burdens In 2016
  148. Horror at Disney World as boy, two, is dragged into a lagoon by an ALLIGATOR:
  149. Supreme Court Rejects Challenge To State Assault-Weapons Ban
  150. Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant admits he can't read music or 'remember the 60s'
  151. Jury ruled Led Zeppelin did not steal a riff from the song 'Taurus' by Spirit
  152. Young, rich - and busted:
  153. Ex-Navy SEAL becomes first motorist to die in self-driving car after Tesla autopilot
  154. U.S. court to hear arguments in warrantless NSA spying case
  155. Still no winner!
  156. Private internet access - We Are Removing Our Russian Presence
  157. US braces itself for coast-to-coast heatwave:
  158. U.S. Warships Surround Disputed Chinese Waters, Prepared For War: "WWIII At Stake"
  159. 'Blue Lives Matter in America':
  160. Garry Marshall has died at the age of 81.
  161. Communist protesters trying to burn the Stars and Stripes ....
  162. Drones will begin delivering blood and medicine in the US After launching in Rwanda
  163. Self-service checkouts are turning shoppers into a generation of THIEVES
  164. Aetna Posts $300 Million Obamacare Loss, Warns May Exit Altogether
  165. Supreme Court rules school can block transgender student from boy's bathroom
  166. US General In Europe Agrees With Trump: NATO States Must Pay More For Defense
  167. Ford recalls 830K vehicles to fix faulty door latches
  168. Lead Attorney In Anti-Clinton DNC Fraud Case Mysteriously Found Dead
  169. US treasury's fury at Apple tax ruling in Europe
  170. Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy Fantasy
  171. "What A Mess!" - Pentagon At War With CIA In Syria
  172. President Obama nominates a Muslim to be a federal judge for the first time in U.S...
  173. Wells Fargo Fires 5,300 For Engaging In Massive Fraud..
  174. Consumer Credit Jumps By $18 Billion In July; Student, Auto Loans Hit $2.4 Trillion
  175. House Passes Bill Allowing 9/11 Victims to Sue Saudi Officials
  176. 'We will never forget':
  177. "If The Fed Hikes, Markets Will Go Down Very, Very Hard"
  178. New Study Finds Taxpayers Are Fleeing New York, Illinois and California
  179. America under attack:
  180. the tubby derrorist!!!
  181. Kmart is closing 64 stores
  182. US government mistakenly grants citizenship to more than 800 immigrants
  183. Disgraced Anthony Wiener Sexted, Had Online Relationship With Underage Girl
  184. FBI Crime Report Reveals Massive Surge In Murder Rates In Several Large U.S. Cities
  185. FBI suspects Russian hackers broke into Democratic Party officials' CELL PHONES
  186. Wells Execs Forfeit $60 Million; May Be Just The Beginning
  187. Black man shot dead by officer at Broadway Village Shopping Center
  188. 4 States Sue To Block Obama's Internet Transition Set For Tomorrow Night
  189. Hurricane Matthew becomes the most powerful storm to hit the Atlantic in a decade
  190. Sept 11 Widow Is First American To Sue Saudi Arabia For Terrorism:
  191. Florida Residents Urged To Start Preparations For "Serious And Life Threatening"
  192. Center of the hurricane was expected to pass about 50 miles east of U.S. Navy base
  193. Even The New York Times Thinks Obamacare Is A Disaster - It's "Too Expensive ...
  194. US Considering Air Strikes On Assad Regime ...
  195. ADP Employment Tumbles Near 3-Year Lows As Manufacturing Slump Continues
  196. DOJ Drops Charges Against Arms Dealer Who "Threatened To Expose" Hillary Arming Islam
  197. Hurricane of doom:
  198. The world is $152 TRILLION in the red - the highest ever amount of debt
  199. Hurricane Nicole forms off Bermuda in the Atlantic and could be absorbed by Matthew
  200. Safety fears as Hurricane Matthew heads towards TWO nuclear reactors:
  201. Hurricane matthew wreaks havoc
  202. 3. Nicole and Matthew Could Interact, Creating Greater Danger
  203. Hurricane reaches North Carolina with deadly flash floods
  204. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg calls Kaepernick 'dumb and disrespectful'
  205. Arms dealer says Clinton and Obama accidentally gave guns to ISIS, Al Qaeda and ...
  206. Obama To Decide Friday On Military Action In Syria
  207. Kremlin calls Joe Biden's threat to 'cyber strike' Russia 'unprecedented'
  208. The calendar says October, but it feels like June. 'Indian summer' hits
  209. 'human wall' of border control:
  210. Mother-of-two, 26, who was shot and killed by Texas police was pointing a BB gun
  211. Naked Hillary Clinton statue appears during rush hour near Wall Street
  212. Third Wave Of Internet Cyber Attacks Lauched, Dyn Warns
  213. AT&T is making 'millions' by helping the government 'spy'
  214. Mike Pence's campaign plane SKIDS OFF the runway at New York's LaGuardia airport:
  215. Minimum Wage Ballot Initiatives Could Cost 300,000 Jobs In These 4 States
  216. Syrian Refugees Admitted Into The U.S. Surge 675% So Far In 2016
  217. The limestone piece of rock on which 'Jesus was resurrected after crucifixion
  218. Mexico taking US factory jobs? Blame robots instead
  219. NYC Homelessness Surges To The "Highest Levels Since The Great Depression"
  220. Woman missing since August 30 has been found chained up 'like a dog'
  221. Two people have died after the Tesla they were driving crashed into a tree
  222. Is lost Cold War bomb resting on the Arctic Ocean floor?
  223. 'Wolf Blitzer is on suicide watch!':
  224. Four cities just approved new taxes on sugary drinks, striking blows against Big Soda
  225. Anti-Trump protests turn violent :
  226. Trump Says May Keep Parts Of Obamacare
  227. Over $1 Trillion In Bond Losses In Days: Second Worst Week Ever
  228. Robert Vaughn, Man from UNCLE actor, dies aged 83
  229. U.S. regulator has opened Audi investigation:
  230. FBI 'ran 23 child pornography sites in a bid to lure and catch online predators',
  231. SEC Chair Mary Jo White To Quit With End Of Obama's Term
  232. Party at Trump Tower: Ted Cruz, Tommy Hilfiger and Donald's ex-wife Marla Maples
  233. Dollar Illiquidity Getting Critical: A $10 Trillion Short Which The Fed Does Not Unde
  234. Obama On Pace To Increase The Debt By Stunning $2.4 Trillion This Year
  235. Lisa Lynn Masters was found dead in her room in Lima on Tuesday night
  236. Winter storm causes 340 crashes as it sweeps Minnesota ....
  237. Drugs Are Killing More Americans Than Road Crashes
  238. At least six elementary students are killed and 23 more injured after school bus ....
  239. Brady Bunch 'mom' Florence Henderson dies aged 82:
  240. Communist revolutionary Fidel Castro dies aged 90:
  241. US Housing Market In Peril As "Increase In Mortgage Rates Has Shocked Consumers"
  242. Facebook Employees Are Quitting Because Users Are Being Censored
  243. Tragedy as plane carrying 72 passengers - including top Brazilian soccer team
  244. Egypt first Islamist country to raise Armenian Genocide issue
  245. Trump Is Meeting with an Ex-bank Ceo Who Wants to Abolish the Federal Reserve
  246. Obama Student Loan Foregiveness Plan To Cost Taxpayers $137 Billion, GAO Finds
  247. ESPN Still Bleeding Subs As 1.2mm People Ditch Service In Past 2 Months Alone
  248. Starting Today, Feds Can Hack Millions Of Devices With One Warrant
  249. Ex-NFL star Joe McKnight killed in New Orleans road rage shooting
  250. Get ready for the big freeze! Western half of US to be hit with temperatures ...