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  1. Here comes 2013!!!!!
  2. Philippines shootings illustrate worldwide gun violence problem
  3. Cat caught sneaking saw, phone into Brazil prison
  4. Gamers hired by father to 'kill' son in online games
  5. Zorb ball ride on Russian ski slope ends in death
  6. Cuba opens the gates, hoping for a trickle, not a flood
  7. 'Diff'rent Strokes' Star Conrad Bain Dead at 89
  8. Log audit reveals developer outsourced his job to China
  9. Australian amateur prospector finds massive gold nugget
  10. Wall Street Journal, CNN hit by Chinese hackers
  11. Parents use medical marijuana to manage autistic sons
  12. Samba time!
  13. Vatican announces Pope Benedict XVI resignation
  14. Toronto storm cleanup could top $4M
  15. Record-Setting Asteroid Flyby
  16. Meteor strikes russia
  17. Nasa has published these videos about asteroid 2012
  18. Megaupload founder suffers procedural setback in U.S. extradition bid
  19. The Pirate Bay Moves To Iceland:
  20. How six college friends gambled their way to a billion-dollar online poker empire...
  21. Comment is free Globalisation isn't just about profits. It's about taxes too
  22. Actor James Gandolfini dead at 51
  23. Must See Plane Landing Saved By A Truck Must Observe Planes Landing
  24. UNic to be the first university in the world to accept Bitcoin
  25. Paul Walker "Fast and Furious" dead at 40
  26. World's biggest ship takes to water
  27. More purges may follow execution of Kim's uncle
  28. Beyonce Surprises Fans With New Album on iTunes
  29. Cairo sees first snow in years as cold snap hits Egypt
  30. Is White House taking cues from Soviets over Obama photos?
  31. Cracks in tea party front emerge in House vote on budget deal
  32. S. Africa investigates sign interpreter
  33. Uncle rose with NKorean leader before brutal fall
  34. Suspected mass grave discovered in Serbia
  35. Two peacekeepers killed as car bomb hits bank in northern Mali
  36. Russia's Lavrov says provocateurs behind 'hysteria' of Ukrainian protests
  37. Thai protesters outline reform aims, military neutral for now
  38. The Eastern Cape, Mandela’s Homeland, Still Suffers from Neglect and Misrule
  39. How Columbine lessons helped in Arapahoe High School shooting
  40. Syrian planes pound Aleppo for fourth straight day
  41. Plan for destruction of Syria's chemical weapons
  42. Ukraine PM vows stability after Moscow deal
  43. India diplomat says she faced cavity search in NYC
  44. Russian amnesty bill to include Greenpeace crew
  45. Hotel magnate and wine entrepreneur feared dead in crash after chateau sale
  46. Christmas bombings kill 34 in Iraq
  47. Snowden warns of loss of privacy in Christmas message
  48. Taking power in New Delhi, 'common man' leader talks of revolution
  49. South Sudan says will attack rebel stronghold if ceasefire rejected
  50. Kerry says Iran could help on sidelines of Syrian peace talks
  51. Egyptian activists convicted over 2012 attack
  52. U.S. carries out air strike in Somalia targeting militant suspect
  53. Amanda Knox defiant after second murder conviction
  54. EU says no date set yet for Iran nuclear talks
  55. Super Bowl Boulevard is definitely not a New York state of mind
  56. At Utah school, there really was no such thing as a free lunch
  57. 'Emmanuelle' Actress Sylvia Kristel Dies at 60
  58. Heroin seizures in Calgary on the rise, authorities say
  59. Oilsands jobs being taken by temp foreign workers, union says
  60. VPD investigating disturbing Granville Strip groin-kick
  61. Syria:First Batch of Civilians Evacuated From Homes
  62. Amateur video: Sarajevo protesters pelt cops with mi…
  63. Cops look into threat against Toronto mayor
  64. Man allegedly distributed pornographic flyers of ex girlfriend
  65. Hearts 'shredded' when woman killed by drunk driver, sentencing told
  66. Thieves target homes while owners attend funerals
  67. Homicide team identifies Burnaby victim, but name not made public
  68. Beer will cost more if sold in Ontario corner stores
  69. Crack pipe vendor wants feds to support treatment
  70. Brian John Spinks charged with murder 20 years after wife-killer strangled to death a
  71. Man dead, 3 arrested after shots fired in downtown Halifax
  72. N.S. man found dead after barricading himself inside home
  73. Iranian warships 'to sail close to US maritime border'
  74. New York police 'seize 3,000 birds' in cockfighting raids
  75. DNA evidence frees men after two decades in prison
  76. Two jump off bridge into river to avoid being hit by truck
  77. Dad gives son part of his liver, a chance for a future
  78. Alderon says its mine could hire displaced Wabush workforce
  79. Man survives plunge from 4th floor to escape fire
  80. Miss Ally captain's mother pushes for personal tracking devices
  81. $100 fines, no jail for 16,000 pot plant grow-op kingpins
  82. Owl viciously attacks rabbit hunter near Digby, N.S.
  83. Hunter who shot himself in the face tells story
  84. Court overturns concealed-carry rule in blow to California gun law
  85. NSA workers disciplined over Snowden leaks
  86. USAid 'not plotting to topple Kenya government'?
  87. Canada spy agency exoneration a 'mockery of public accountability'
  88. Russia demands access to Russian drug smuggler in U.S. jail
  89. US issues 'cannabis cash' guidelines to banks
  90. 4.1 magnitude quake strikes in South Carolina
  91. Construction crew unearths mammoth tusk [Seattle]
  92. Man falls from balloon tightrope
  93. 17 foot, 8 inch python killed in Florida 150LBS!!!
  94. Family hikes 19 miles after accident
  95. Viral drinking game kills 4 people
  96. Mexico to seek trade commitment from Canada and U.S. at the ‘Three Amigos’ summit
  97. Woman accused in Craigslist slaying tells newspaper: I've killed lots of others
  98. Calgary parents face murder charge after starvation death
  99. The World Will End Saturday, February 22
  100. US, Canada Merge Water Maps at Border
  101. Snipers stalk protesters in Ukraine
  102. South Korea to develop Stuxnet-like cyberweapons
  103. Japan’s Fukushima catastrophe brings big radiation spikes to B.C.
  104. Taliban Suspends Talks To Release Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl
  105. 3 Dead, 57 Hurt in Bangkok Clashes
  106. Halifax police I.D. cab driver as the search continues for Loretta Saunders
  107. Snowplow operator comes to the rescue of N.B. mom in labour during snowstorm
  108. Thousands remember slain Missouri girl with porch lights, vigil
  109. World's oldest Holocaust survivor, Alice Herz-Sommer, dies
  110. Why We Can Blame A Warm Arctic For This Winter’s Icy Chill
  111. Climate change is man-made....
  112. UN body criticises US states' cannabis legalisation
  113. Malaysia Airlines loses contact with plane en route to Beijing with 239 aboard
  114. Skydiver, Pilot Survive Midair Accident
  115. 22-lbs cat terrorizes family
  116. Genetically Modified Salmon May Soon Be In Stores, Thanks To AquaBounty
  117. Weekend vodka bender saves dog's life
  118. 15 space organizations join hunt for missing Malaysian jet
  119. Laura Cunliffe jailed for microwaving pet kitten
  120. International auto theft ring busted in Alberta, Quebec
  121. Malaysia jet's 'deliberate' diversion triggers pilot homes search
  122. Crimea holds referendum to split from Ukraine
  123. Former North Korean guard: People 'buried alive'
  124. Syria says Israeli air strike near Golan Heights killed one
  125. Russia says U.S. decision to shut Syrian embassy is disappointing
  126. Two Egyptian army officers killed in shootout with militants
  127. Obamacare sign-ups: Is deadline surge to 7 million target possible?
  128. Rand Paul 2016: Front-runner or overrated?
  129. Israeli airstrikes kill 1 Syrian soldier, wound 7
  130. Russia says U.S. decision to shut Syrian embassy is disappointing
  131. Two Egyptian army officers killed in shootout with militants
  132. Chicago House Music Legend Frankie Knuckles Dead at 59
  133. Schumacher has 'conscious moments' - agent
  134. Treatment of farm livestock: Deciding what's ethical
  135. Kevin Sharp, country music singer, dead at 43
  136. Craigslist ad wanting to 'play with a horse' leads to bestiality arrest
  137. Actor Bob Hoskins Dies at the Age of 71
  138. Farley Mowat dead at 92
  139. Three hours of TV a day ‘doubles early death risk’, scientists say
  140. 200,000 homeowners told property tax will be taken from their wages and pensions
  141. RIP Robin
  142. Another harsh winter expected for much of Canada, Farmer's Almanac predicts
  143. Even Beer Is Big In Texas
  144. A man gets 33 months in jail for filming Fast & Furious movie in a cinema and upload
  145. Highway of hero's
  146. Your Ebola questions answered:
  147. British spies can go through Americans
  148. Couple having sex in the sea are hospitalised after their genitals become stuck ....
  149. Ebola In Boston:
  150. virgin media taking icefilms down an more site here the list
  151. FBI says Sony hackers got sloppy posted from N. Korea
  152. VPN Services Consider Leaving Canada to Protect Customer Privacy
  153. Richest 80 people in the world revealed...
  154. Man convicted in fatal New Delhi gang rape blames victim in new film
  155. Air Canada sex act trial to hear from woman charged
  156. Why this shirts care instructions have women fuming
  157. RCMP sent 435 officers to Moncton after shootings, costing $3 million
  158. Suspicious envelope found in Vancouver building headed to Health Canada for testing
  159. Wall St. resumes fall as dollar hits 12-year high
  160. Twin bombings at churches in Pakistan kill 14, wound 78
  161. 'Drug-related activity' occurred in house that exploded: Barrie Police
  162. Alberta farmers call for increased hunting tags for hungry elk
  163. 9 in 10 Spaniards downloading illegally
  164. Judges sacked for watching porn
  165. Police Arrest World’s Most Prolific UFC and WWE Pirate
  166. U.S. 'deeply disturbed' by reports of chemical weapons in Syria: Kerry
  167. U.N. to press ahead with Iran anti-drugs fund despite executions
  168. Vitamin D recommendations seriously miscalculated?
  169. Undercover cop scolded accused B.C. terrorist for poor planning in attack
  170. Canada fulfills 2013 promise to resettle Syrian refugees
  171. Cockpit voice tape studied in Airbus crash; NYT says pilot locked out
  172. Four suspected rebels dead after military raid in Thai south
  173. Best Buy is shutting down Canada's biggest tech store chain
  174. McD's starts table service in Germany
  175. Embarrassing Predictions Haunt the Global Warming Industry
  176. Walmart looking at suppliers to help lower costs
  177. And now its Global Cooling! Return of the Arctic Cap
  178. Global Warming the Greatest Scam in history?
  179. Game of Thrones Piracy Surges to New High
  180. Greece is 'running on empty':
  181. Deutsche Bank forced to pay record $2.5 BILLION fine to US and UK regulators ....
  182. Google slams Australian piracy site-blocking legislation
  183. Good News !!!
  184. Baltimore riots prompt state of emergency after Freddie Gray funeral
  185. Kim dotcom awarded millions for legal bills and living expenses
  186. Putin unveils first new Russian tank since 1993 with most powerful gun ever...
  187. Only in Mexico
  188. US Navy's cheap and tiny Cicada drones can listen in on the enemy
  189. Canadian teen pleads guilty to 23 charges for online harassment, bomb threats
  190. Police investigating allegations B.B. King poisoned
  191. Tricolor TV faces investigation
  192. EBook piracy sites to be blocked by UK net providers
  193. 'World must prepare for war against a global pandemic':
  194. About that Takata airbag recall
  195. Internet TV pirates exposed by Delhi Police
  196. América Móvil eyes Mexico's pay-TV market with FTTH
  197. Woman Claims She Owns The Sun, Tries To Sell Land On It,
  198. Dozens arrested in European cyber crime sweep: Europol
  199. Sir Christopher Lee: Screen legend dies aged 93
  200. North Korea restricts access to uncensored mobile Internet
  201. U.S. Poised to Put Heavy Weaponry in East Europe
  202. EU privacy reform: who pays when the rules are broken?
  203. Britain pulls spies as Moscow cracks Snowden files: reports
  204. Nepal earthquake moved Mount Everest by three centimeters
  205. BREAKING: Putin Adds 40 New Nukes to Arsenal
  206. WOW Did you know?
  207. North Korea claims it has cure for MERS, Ebola and AIDS
  208. China says up to United States to resume cyber security talks
  209. 10 Things you need to know about the changes to Canadian citizenship
  210. Canada police apologize after sex talk broadcast from helicopter
  211. U.S. regulator freezes Chinese executive's assets over 'suspicious' Qihoo trades
  212. Greeks angry but resigned to prospect of more austerity measures
  213. Greece is doomed
  214. Greece imposes capital controls banks to remain shut in dramatic turn to Greek crisis
  215. Greece is NOT going to pay back its €1.6billion loan instalment tomorrow
  216. These are the terms of the new Greek proposal (pdf)
  217. Austria court throws out Facebook privacy class action suit
  218. Could a Greek bailout be crowdfunded for a little feta and Ouzo?
  219. Amazon’s 30-Minute Drone Deliveries Will Start Next Year
  220. Greek debt crisis: IMF says extra 50bn euros needed
  221. Bomb Explodes In Winnipeg Law Office
  222. 3D printed cars move closer to production
  223. BBC set for £650m licence fee hit
  224. Greece races against clock to submit reform proposal
  225. Canadian teenager sentenced to 16 months in jail for online harassment, bomb threats
  226. Cops raid homes and businesses in swoop on gangsters churning out shady TV cards wort
  227. Europe chooses #Greekment over cries of #ThisIsACoup
  228. BBC launches fight back against commercial, political 'enemies'
  229. BBC redesigns international BBC News app
  230. Former MEP Ashley Mote jailed over expenses fraud
  231. Sky broadband customers presented with a bill for piracy
  232. Canadian city app has a voice assistant powered by Watson
  233. Sweden’s largest streaming site will close after raid
  234. Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs linked to Prejudice
  235. PayPal expands One Touch program to new markets in Europe, Australia
  236. Tropical Storm Erika brings NINE INCHES of rain and flash floods to Caribbean
  237. Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka charged with 1983 murder of girlfriend
  238. Canada officially enters recession
  239. We can't cope with this tide!
  240. Europeans to win the right to sue in US courts over privacy breaches
  241. Russia finally admits it HAS sent military experts to Syria
  242. You thought your commute was bad!
  243. a tropical storm causes a river to burst its banks in Japan, flushing radiation .....
  244. Canada Looking into Windows 10 for Possible Privacy Violations
  245. Emerging economies plea for end to US rates agony
  246. Russian man pleads guilty in U.S. over record cyber heist
  247. Qatari Sheikh claiming diplomatic immunity while proclaiming 'f**k America'
  248. Horror at Niagara Falls....
  249. Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom appears in court to fight U.S. extradition
  250. World Population: Past, Present, and Future