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  1. U.S. Supreme Court split over Obamacare challenge
  2. Victoria police knee teen girl in ribs during arrest (video)
  3. Obama approval rating better than any Republican President
  4. Simple RULES for Politics section
  5. Well lookie here.........
  6. Wolves would solve the homelessness problem...
  7. Obama says learned about Clinton's emails from news reports: CBS
  8. Bill Clinton defends his charity's foreign government donors
  9. Congress will nix any nuclear deal struck by Obama with Tehran
  10. U.S. offers $5 million for missing American, appeals to Iran
  11. Republicans warn Iran against nuclear deal with Obama
  12. what chance does the President have?
  13. is this true???47 Senators may have violate the Logan Act
  14. Obama administration to start new group to advise on veterans issues
  15. Kerry says it is possible to reach an interim deal with Iran
  16. White House warns Republican Senators legislation could hurt Iran talks
  17. Obama jokes about Clinton email, knocks Republicans at dinner
  18. Sen. Ted Cruz attacks Obama during New Hampshire visit
  19. Hillary Clinton accuses Republicans of 'trifecta against women'
  20. House GOP's $3.8 trillion budget proposal.....
  21. It's too hard to bring civil rights cases ....
  22. it’s ‘obviously not true’ ....
  23. This is how you do it!!!!!!
  24. Growing U.S. oil export debate has now spread to geopolitics
  25. U.S. House votes to block rule to speed up unionizing workers
  26. U.S. Secret Service director pledges to get tough on possible hush-ups
  27. i make America 'so rich' that Social Security and Medicare won't see cuts
  28. Ted Cruz 'will announce bid for President on Monday':
  29. Things to know about Texas Sen. Ted Cruz...
  30. 'It's time to reclaim the Constitution':
  31. She cop charged with homicide.........
  32. Obama ready to sign bipartisan fix for Medicare doctor payments
  33. California bill that would allow assisted suicide passes Senate panel
  34. California trying to stop initiative to execute gays
  35. Why do Republicans reject man made climate change????
  36. 'Let there be no mistake, this is a national security threat,'
  37. global warming is like Galileo denying the Sun revolved around the Earth
  38. Indiana religious objections law slammed on social media
  39. State senator won’t back down, apologize for saying he’d shoot a cop..
  40. 'Religious Freedom' Law Won't Change
  41. 'There’s something very dangerous happening':
  42. Obama authorizes sanctions to combat cyberattacks
  43. DUI Checkpoints & Traffic stops
  44. Iran and Nuclear Technology:
  45. ‘As a Republican, I’m Furious’:
  46. Hillary Clinton poaches Google exec to oversee technology for presidential bid
  47. Finally!!!!
  48. Our next queen.....
  50. companies that didn't pay a PENNY in 2014 income tax despite being worth billions
  51. Marco Rubio says he's 'absolutely' the most qualified candidate for president
  52. Former CIA Director David Petraeus will NOT go to jail
  53. 700,000 Homeowners Could Still Benefit From U.S. HARP Refinancing
  54. immigrants will account for 82 per cent of US population ....
  55. 'She violated the law':
  56. Rubio surges to the front of the GOP pack....
  57. total Destruction:
  58. They're 'criminals' and 'thugs'
  59. Ted Cruz accuses Obama of 'inflaming racial tensions'..
  60. 'We're in this race to win':
  61. The 2016 field: Who's in and who's thinking it over
  62. 'Hookers for Hillary'
  63. Hillary Clinton agrees to testify before congressional Benghazi committee
  64. Hackers penetrate West Wing computer network:
  65. The 2016 field: Who's in and who's thinking it over
  66. 'Any drunken redneck can walk into a bar and start a fight,'
  67. John McCain lost White House race because Sarah Palin didn't take MY advice....
  68. Obama chooses Marine general as Joint Chiefs chairman....
  69. NDP wins landslide majority in Alberta
  70. 'It's not illegal to be black':
  71. Canada releases terrorist.........
  72. The Killing of Osama bin Laden
  73. Where do the presidential candidates stand on Section 215?
  74. US House passes Bill to end domestic NSA bulk data collection
  75. Obama blocks sale to police of paramilitary hardware ...
  76. Jeb Bush says he doesn't believe same-sex marriage is protected by the Constitution .
  77. The 2016 field: Who's in and who's thinking it over
  78. U.S. spies were behind Boston bombings.....
  79. Feds go after biker gang members... by claiming the rights to their logos
  80. Senate expected to act on NSA collection of phone records
  81. Justice Department releases guidelines on domestic drone use
  82. Illegal immigrants are boycotting Arizona by the thousands
  83. Think Again: The BRICS
  84. Steve Wozniak calls Edward Snowden a ‘total hero’
  85. 'prior misconduct'
  86. Federal judge hammers White House lawyer
  87. It'll be 'huge':
  88. How dozens of explosives and weapons made it through TSA checkpoints ...
  89. Extremely Worried that America’s
  90. Why online harassment is still ruining lives -- and how we can stop it
  91. keep hands off encryption protecting consumer privacy ....
  92. Canada committed Genocide..........
  93. White is the new Black? - 50 shades of grey
  94. White is the new Black? - 50 shades of grey
  95. US data breach is intelligence coup for China
  96. 'I will take nothing and no one for granted... I will run to win':
  97. Who's To Blame??
  98. Uniquely Nasty: The U.S. Government's War on Gays
  99. Bush faults Obama for not preventing federal records breach
  100. Yes, You're a Racist -- And a Traitor
  101. Fox News must be stopped:
  102. There’s a Real Company That Hires Fake Supporters to Cheer on Political Candidates
  103. “stand up for equality,”
  104. Top 16 Republican gay bashers busted for being gay......
  105. "We" are moving to Canada.....LMAO..
  106. Would-be citizens disappointed as new criteria kick in sooner than expected in Canada
  107. Dukes of Hazzard' episodes pulled from TV Land
  108. The History and Meaning of the Confederate Flag
  109. Expert Says: “Look who’s going bankrupt next in America”
  110. You want free legal Heroin???.. Move to Canada...
  111. John Boehner calls for ‘adult’ debate in Congress about Confederate symbols
  112. Jeb Bush: People Need to Work Longer Hours
  113. the Man Who Knows
  114. Want to stop those evil Mexicans for sneaking into the USA?
  115. Over 22M Social Security numbers stolen in OPM hacks, agency says
  116. Boehner, other U.S. Republicans want Obama to fire OPM leadership
  117. El Chapo Guzman VS "The Hair"....LMAO....
  118. 9-year-old boy who was fatally beaten over a missing birthday cake
  119. 'There is no shame in preserving history':
  120. Welcome to US politics: first you get doxxed, then you make a viral video
  121. Ted Cruz gets 'Shatnered' for saying Capt. Kirk was Republican
  122. As Democrats fret over 'sharing economy,' GOP moves in
  123. Bill Cosby
  124. Florida congressional delegation will see upheaval in 2016
  125. Walker says EPA should be limited 'umbrella organization'
  126. Republican leader says party candidates shouldn't run as independents
  127. The Truth: These Republican Candidates Are Just Too Stupid To Be President..
  128. Donald Trump's lawyer threatens reporter over ex-wife's allegations:
  129. Bill Cosby Accusers Appear On Magazine Cover
  130. Obama orders creation of exascale supercomputer
  131. Florida power company gave $1 million to pro-Bush super PAC
  132. Really ???
  133. Journalist, five others killed in Mexico state of Veracruz
  134. Gas station in Missouri......
  135. Little Johnny has done it again
  136. It's war:
  137. I told you so!
  138. ,'You've Betrayed Your Country'
  139. Bush hit from both sides on birthright citizenship
  140. I...I...Just can't get enough of the "Hair".
  141. 'terrorist groups'
  142. 'the dark side of exceptionalism'
  143. Trump Bashes $4 Billion In IRS Refunds To Illegals
  144. BOOM – Univision Reluctantly Reports Donald Trump Leading With Latino Republicans…
  145. Palin leads the 'Trumpeters'!
  146. Jeb Bush loses his top fundraisers
  147. New Jersey man wants to track immigrants like FedEx tracks packages
  148. Put a fork in her,
  149. 'I have signed the pledge!'
  150. 'they stand no chance of defeating us and our allies'
  151. Staffer who worked on Clinton’s private e-mail server faces subpoena
  152. Staffer who worked on Clinton’s private e-mail server faces subpoena
  153. O.K...this is worthy of discussion:
  154. Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton
  155. There Goes Europe....
  156. So the Clintons were not so bad
  157. Ex-Fugitive Anti-Virus Creator John McAfee Running for President
  158. Espionage!!!!!!!
  159. Clinton's email woes spin a tale about the ascendance of IT
  160. Donald Trump's feud with Bobby Jindal escalates
  161. Germany 'took our Jews and gave us Arabs': French ex-minister
  162. Why You Might Vote For the Next President From Your Couch
  163. Yeh!, We Need To Build A Huge Wall To Keep Them Out
  164. Twitter offers new cash stream for presidential candidates
  165. Infowars' Plan to Wake Up 400 Million Revealed
  166. By 2043 Whites will be minority in US...
  167. CIA Insider Breaks Silence on Global Currency War
  168. North Korea says it has restarted nuclear fuel production plants in warning to US
  169. Ahhhhhh..this is worth discussion.
  170. 'I wrote "The Art of the Deal."
  171. U.S. senators ask automakers for details on cyber security
  172. Obama to nominate first openly gay service secretary to lead the Army
  173. Dispelling Another Gun Control MYTH
  174. US to accept 85,000 refugees in 2016, 100,000 in 2017
  175. 'rather bow out pretty than be forced out ugly'
  176. he will not 'automatically' accept any adverse finding against him
  177. Jeb Bush would wipe out the FCC's net neutrality rules if elected president
  178. One in EIGHT American citizens is now foreign-born...
  179. 'I made a serious mistake':
  180. 'U.S. is no longer a democracy, it's an oligarchy':
  181. Maybe you shouldn't throw rocks at the devil?
  182. 'It's the right time to do it':
  183. US presidential candidate promising immortality
  184. voters support a Ted Cruz-Ben Carson presidential ticket
  185. Republicans fear a chaotic race....
  186. More Asians than Hispanics will immigrate to U.S.
  187. Trump’s tax plan: cuts for rich, and poor
  188. Foreign policy debate fires up leaders
  189. They are not happy..........................
  190. Mexican Politician Says Homeless People Should Be Put Down By Lethal Injection
  191. Who are the richest presidential candidates (other than Trump)?
  192. Thank God there's a strong President willing to stand up for American interests ...
  193. Obamacare is actually not so affordable -- unless you're broke
  194. Ballot battles:
  195. Who's to blame?
  196. Importing Our Own Destruction
  197. California governor reflects on his own death as he passes right-to-die law
  198. Meet the Republicans who ousted John Boehner. They're just getting started
  199. This is why Harper doesn't want to relax the refrugee rules
  200. I'm going all the way and we're going to WIN':
  201. Putin: Who created ISIS?
  202. Documented Proof ISIS Is a Creation of The United States of America
  203. Republicans in Congress in chaos ....
  204. Obama backs away from law to access encrypted information
  205. Republican conservatives are 'sharpening their knives'
  206. Obama loses his cool.....
  207. No joke: Donald Trump will host Saturday Night Live on November 7th
  208. Donald Trump threatens to BOYCOTT next Republican debate
  209. Al Jazeera preps investigative series on 2016 election money
  210. 'deal in blood' .......
  211. Mississippi yearning: Travels in America’s sickest state
  212. Election Day Canadians!!!!
  213. Canada election: Harper, Mulcair and Trudeau in tight race
  214. Justin Trudeau, 43, was named Canada's new PM...
  215. 'I just don't like the guy':
  216. Benghazi Hearings Cancelled After Clinton Drops Out of Race
  217. 'I believe we're out of time':
  218. Hillary Clinton is considered most likely candidate to become next President ...
  219. 'infammatory rhetoric' must stop
  220. Ryan fails to get key endorsement to become House speaker:
  221. Obama says Black Lives Matter movement raises 'legitimate issue'
  222. White House cites debt limit urgency; Congress struggles
  223. Corporal Nathan Cirillo.
  224. Jeb Bush gets tights in a twist over superheroes
  225. I'm sorry:
  226. So True!!!!!!
  227. America will never stand for this!!!!
  228. Republican debate runs off the rails and turns into all-out war
  229. Former President George H.W. Bush SLAMS Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld
  230. I can only do so much without a Republican president..
  231. Pelosi says next president a "she"
  232. Louisiana marshals face murder charge over boy's gun death
  233. I find it increasingly hard to believe that the FBN will be broadcasting..
  234. Constitution Check:
  235. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey creates state police border force
  236. IDIOT Minnesota Democrat candidate
  237. The US government is already lying like crazy about surveillance after the Paris ...
  238. 'do its part'
  239. Daesh. Use it — annoy a terrorist.
  240. U.S. federal agencies refuse to testify about OPM hack
  241. FDA wants to close the loophole that Theranos used, but Republicans don’t understand
  242. ‘a new low’
  243. 'This is not my time':
  244. Utah prosecutor says he's investigating US Sen. Harry Reid
  245. Donald Trump branded a 'racist'
  246. Right-wing Republicans will threaten to shut down the government ..
  247. The Republican Party
  248. Will Next Week Be The Start Of The Crash Of The US Dollar?
  249. Does all this retoric of immigration remind you
  250. Senate rejects more gun background checks after CA attack