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  1. US father tried for THEFT after he took his 12-year-old daughter's mobile phone away
  2. Guatemalan men busted with $14M of heroin while circling snowy NY streets
  3. Great Scott! The DeLorean is making a comeback
  4. Drug traffickers are illegally shipping weed out of Colorado to sell it for...
  5. Meet The 112-Year-Old Woman Who Has Smoked 30 Cigarettes A Day for 95 YEARS
  6. An Unprecedented Threat to Privacy
  7. Swiss government proposes paying everyone £1,700 a month whether they work or not
  8. 'What's the emergency?'
  9. Dutch police train eagles to fight illegal drones
  10. Smart Guns Aren't Science Fiction and Americans Want to Buy Them
  11. Italian wife faces six years in jail for 'mistreatment of her family'
  12. Cops take revenge on Florida woman who pulled over speeding officer
  13. 'Too sexy for work'
  14. Shaking their money makers!
  15. Good News: Hookers Aren't Planning To Hike Rates
  16. Whose side are they on?
  17. Land Of The Debt Slave: Texas Man Arrested At Gunpoint For Not Paying $1500 Student L
  18. A $4 smartphone is as unlikely as it sound
  19. 'You think men like these are afraid of uneducated 125lbs punks...
  20. Lawyer accused of raping woman in his Manhattan office tells court he must be...
  21. Home birth revolution:
  22. Salesman who accidentally killed his lover while using a cucumber as a sex toy
  23. Lesbian, step sister and cartoon:
  24. Legalizing Weed Has Done What 1 Trillion Dollars And A 40 Year War Couldn't
  25. Religion In America: One Nation Under Multiple Gods
  26. Gallup: "The Amount Of Debt Americans Carry Is Staggering And Grows Every Day"
  27. Every which way but woof!
  28. Canadian police fight to have female driver banned
  29. Florida Man Tries To Buy $60,000 BMW SUV With Food Stamps
  30. Former Goldman Employee Avoids Prison...
  31. When privacy and the press collide
  32. Police warning for Tim Hortons parking lot coffee-tosser
  33. How to be human: why do I obsess over my cheating ex?
  34. Will this state ban texting while walking?
  35. Man arrested for failing to return video rental in 2001
  36. Malware scam appears to use GPS data to catch speeding Pennsylvania drivers
  37. 'He's not a terrorist, he's an idiot':
  38. Woman charged for giving water to pigs saves goat from slaughter
  39. Virginia governor vetoes religious protection bill
  40. U.S. transgender community fights against 'bathroom bills'
  41. Mom hires stripper to perform a lap dance for her EIGHT YEAR OLD son
  42. LA man charged with shooting his own son
  43. Porn star who accused adult actor James Deen
  44. Utah teacher who had sex with three of her students blames ??
  45. Suspect allegedly tries fleeing police on a hoverboard (and fails)
  46. Most L.A. car chase ever!
  47. New York bill could give police access to people's phones
  48. Was it revenge?
  49. Girl, 9, found living in a backyard shed with guns
  50. Florida man turns self in for 1989 theft
  51. Single mother arrested for having sex on a Las Vegas Ferris wheel
  52. Italian woman loses 11-year court battle for '£40,000 moral damages'
  53. Ohio woman, 18, charged with livestreaming the rape of her 17-year-old friend
  54. English teacher, 28, 'had sex with her 16-year-old student 15 times while planning ..
  55. American company lost $100 million to email fraud, U.S. says
  56. Mississippi governor signs law allowing armed church security
  57. Woman, 38, arrested for having sex with a 16-year-old boy who was the son of her ..
  58. officer as he struggles with a man, 22, suspected of assaulting a woman
  59. Federal fracking rule in hands of federal judge in Wyoming
  60. Could we soon REVERSE death?
  61. The Bentwaters Incident: Security Officer Larry Warren
  62. SIRIUS: from Dr. Steven Greer - Original Full-Length Documentary Film
  63. Oklahoma court declares forced oral sex is NOT rape.....
  64. Women have a 'bitch-switch,'
  65. Japan tour brochure tells visitors not to fart in public ?
  66. End of the world fears after Earth's magnetic shield 'COLLAPSED
  67. Judge orders woman to unlock iPhone with her fingerprint
  68. Is your oatmeal killing you?
  69. The Salvation Army bans conservative Christian Quiverfall movement
  70. Arkansas judge, 69, accused of demanding sex from male defendants ...
  71. WTF Chart Of The Day: "Dead Retirees" Walking
  72. Polar bears are pooping glitter, because bears in Canada are fancy
  73. Walmart, Visa go to court over how you pay for your unicorn helmet
  74. No apology, no rebate! Mezvinsky has refused to apologize to investors yesterday..
  75. Dear Homeowner, What Exactly Do You "Own"?
  76. Teens allegedly live-stream sex acts on Facebook
  77. Justin Trudeau's 'overwhelmed' wife is criticized...
  78. Libya's Central Bank Has $184 Million In Gold In Its Vault... It Just Doesn't Know Th
  79. First man to receive penis transplant in the US hopes for a normal life again
  80. What Recovery? Poultry Workers Denied Bathroom Breaks, Wear Diapers On The Job
  81. West Virginia officer, 27, arrested after 'having sex with woman
  82. Man who fractured his PENIS during sex describes the horrific moment ...
  83. Married substitute teacher, 49, arrested after a police officer caught her having sex
  84. 'I get to hang out with him again':
  85. Is the US ready for the 'Big One'?
  86. BREAKING NEWS: San Francisco police chief resigns hours after ...
  87. 'Suicide by LION':
  88. 'I don't feel that bad about breaking a bad law':
  89. Rapper Threatens To Kill Donald Trump If His "Momma's Food Stamps" Are Taken Away
  90. Florida woman stung with $203,000 medical bill...
  91. Switzerland Proposes Paying Everyone $30,000 a Year
  92. Hackers behind $81 MILLION cyber heist – one of the world's biggest ever
  93. American Sniper Chris Kyle 'lied about his military history and medal count
  94. Saudi father shoots doctor shortly after he delivered his wife's baby
  95. Who is Miranda?
  96. "The Great White Hope"
  97. 'I don't want money, I am going to rape you':
  98. America's long list of locations with wacky... and sometimes naughty names
  99. Facebook refused to take down picture of murdered woman's corpse
  100. Turkish Court Convicts Former Miss Turkey Of "Insulting The President"
  101. What would happen to Earth if humans disappeared?
  102. Vancouver Homeowners Made More From Sitting On Their Assets Than The Entire City
  103. Husbands Can "Lightly Beat" Their Wives If They Refuse Sex ....
  104. Human organs 'will be grown in pigs so they can be harvested for transplant patients'
  105. John Oliver buys $15million of medical debt owed by 9,000 Americans..
  106. Man who sold $40 used printer on Craigslist spent the next six-and-a-half YEARS ...
  107. "I'm Considering Filing Bankruptcy"
  108. Cops Now Using a New Device Allowing them to Steal Cash From Innocent Citizens
  109. PayPal won't refund a Twitch troll's $50,000 in donations
  110. Tennessee man arrested for drunk driving while wearing chastity belt ...
  111. London’s first-ever naked restaurant strips away the tech as well as the clothes
  112. OLD AGE PERVERT 79-year-old grandma nicked for getting frisky with toyboy, 54,
  113. Roadside Service Brazen couple filmed having oral sex romp on motorway ..
  114. I GOT ROO, BABE Pig and kangaroo get down and dirty as owner reveals the pair have be
  115. Oakland police chief resigns as underage sex scandal spreads:
  116. Questions raised over accuracy of speed cameras after driver doing 29mph was clocked
  117. Schoolboys allowed to wear skirts under new 'gender neutral' uniform rules
  118. 17 Facts About The Orlando Shooter That Every American Should Know
  119. Vermont state senator, 69, 'forced legislative assistant into oral sex
  120. London's New Mayor Bans Advertisements Featuring Sexy Women
  121. Father of Paris terror victim sues Facebook, Twitter, and Google for enabling ISIS
  122. Frustrated Illinois Taxpayers Pay Property Tax With $1 Bills
  123. In Sweden, your next car-charging spot could be at someone else's house
  124. Canadian Troops Have Been Issued "Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors" Cards
  125. How texting and tweeting is wrecking romantic relationships:
  126. Muslim NYPD officer sues after being suspended without pay
  127. Department of Homeland Security analyst 'brought a gun, knife, pepper spray
  128. Philippines man charged with raiding US celebrities' accounts
  129. 'Buy American marijuana and support schools, not cartels':
  130. Syrian refugee hands in €150,000 he found in donated wardrobe
  131. Police catch married female high school teacher having 'parking lot romp'
  132. Have we misunderstood the Declaration of Independence?
  133. Victory for the Ku Klux Clan:
  134. It's just not fare!
  135. Woman playing Pokemon Go finds dead body
  136. India's 'Gold Shirt Man' Stoned-And-Sickled To Death By Mob
  137. Black Lives Matter' Organizer "Triggered" By White People,
  138. Here’s Why Some Christians Are Convinced The World Is Going To End in 2016
  139. Teacher, 51, 'was caught on camera performing oral sex on 17-year-old student ....
  140. Airport workers' disbelief as 'UFO' trailing blue smoke flies over the runway
  141. Two Canadian teens so distracted by Pokemon Go ...
  142. The War In Afghanistan Is A Good Thing (If You're A Drug-Dealer)
  143. Nebraska and Michigan State punters killed in horror crash
  144. US Government Pays $475,000 For Illegally Searching Woman's Vagina
  145. New Texas gun control law allows concealed guns on campus
  146. Three teens are found dead after their pickup truck
  147. VP Joe Biden officiates same-sex wedding for two
  148. 'i'm a cop, i can do what i want'
  149. Politicians Gone Wild:
  150. Ontario teen calls 911 on parents who forced her to go on vacation
  151. Two Canadian women 'caught smuggling $23MILLION worth of cocaine
  152. Women go TOPLESS on the streets of America to promote gender equality
  153. Police losing battle to get drivers to put down their phones
  154. cannot have sex because his enormous penis is 10 times the size of a normal man's
  155. He seduced ME:
  156. Descendants Of Slaves Owned By Georgetown University Want $1 Billion
  157. Cliff Richard Can't Eat Or Sleep Following Second CPS Appeal Over Sex Abuse Claims
  158. Man shot cousin dead while testing bulletproof vest, police say
  159. Wells Fargo executive walks away with $125m golden handshake
  160. North Carolina mother, 44, and her married 25-year-old son are arrested for incest
  161. Son 'shoots dead both his parents after they tried to discipline him
  162. Three neighbors held pregnant woman hostage for weeks in a locked,
  163. Woman was giving oral sex to her boyfriend in Waldviertel area,
  164. Jessica Alba Laughs Last After $1 Billion Offer For Her "Honest" Company
  165. Allegations Of Fraud Surface Over "One Time" Donations To Hillary That Occur Repeated
  166. NY Bomber Rahami's Family Sued NJ Police In 2011 For "Anti-Muslim Harassment"
  167. Mexican police discover abandoned van with homemade BAZOOKA 'used to blast drugs...
  168. 'She's unleashed hell': Brad Pitt is 'furious'
  169. The bizarre history of Angelina Jolie's love life
  170. Can you really get drunk on coffee? These women swear they do.
  171. woman, 61, 'stabbed her boyfriend in the chest because he refused to have sex with ..
  172. Philadelphia set to test pee-resistant paint for subway walls
  173. Alleged teenage sex assault victim claims
  174. Canadian Mint Employee Allegedly Smuggled $140,000 Of Gold Inside His Rectum
  175. former professional MMA fighter accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting
  176. Brit Bankers Busted For $300 Million Fraud Tied To Hookers & Blow
  177. Air Force colonel charged with rape,
  178. Teacher Invited 2 Students to Her Home for Sex:
  179. Instant coffee for instant erections!
  180. Manhattan woman sues her own divorce attorney
  181. Patient care may vary depending on whether a doctor is a Democrat or a Republican,
  182. Women were forced to work as prostitutes and pay of thousands in debt
  183. court says unmarried gay woman has the SAME parental rights as the biological mother
  184. Man, 49, who 'raped a prostitute and forced her to perform a sex act on his dog'
  185. 'HAIR PLUGS left me speechless':
  186. A Look Inside Key West's Battle To Prevent Release Of GMO Mosquitos
  187. 'Every Barbie needs a Ken... and Ken Bone is mine!'
  188. Muslim father rapes his daughter as punishment because she ....
  189. Meth mother 'sat back and watched her boyfriend and his cousin rape,
  190. married father, 24, and his restaurant worker 21,'kidnapped a sheriff's deputy
  191. Mom who claimed she was kidnapped and raped by four black men
  192. Pitchforks and torches time':
  193. Man Allegedly Cons Women Into Buying Him Lamborghini, Corvette, Shelby Mustang
  194. teacher, 25, is arrested 'for having sex with her 16-year-old male student'
  195. Couple discover 1950s suitcase packed with $23,000 hidden in the walls of their home
  196. A giant nude statue in California is stirring controversy
  197. Woman teacher faces more than TWO HUNDRED sex charges against two pupils
  198. California man gets 1,500-year jail sentence for raping teenage daughter
  199. Attorney General's career ends in humiliation:
  200. Nurse is charged with killing EIGHT patients between ages 75 and 96 in Canadian ...
  201. Dragon Caught on Tape in China
  202. Missing woman is found alive and 'chained like a dog' inside a metal storage
  203. Florida teenager 'beat and killed his 69-year-old grandmother
  204. Two LAPD cops are FIRED after responding to 911 call
  205. Furious husband stabs his wife to death and cuts off love rival's genitals
  206. 'the entire country hate one another'
  207. Married female basketball coach had sex with three high school students
  208. Woman filmed herself striking a series of poses to display muscly figure
  209. Woman 'raped in a ditch for two hours after an illegal immigrant crashed his car into
  210. Woman jailed for killing her cheating millionaire husband
  211. Anderson Cooper reconciles with the brother he had not seen for 38 years
  212. California judge rejects charges involving major escort site
  213. Party boy, 25, who changed his last name to match close friend being charged with ...
  214. Busted! Cheating girlfriend who said she was staying in a hotel 'alone'
  215. Mom Sues Her Trans Teen For Starting Gender Transition Treatment Without Her Permissi
  216. Butt they won! Yale students delay annual football game with Harvard by stripping off
  217. CNN Accidentally Airs 30 Minutes Of Hard Core, Transsexual Porn
  218. Female television reporter makes history after becoming Canada's first hijab-wearing
  219. 'Xenophobia' is Dictionary.com's word of the year
  220. 'You don't drink and drive and we won't make you listen to Chad Kroeger':
  221. ‘World’s oldest person’ celebrates 117th birthday and credits ‘two eggs a day’
  222. California high school teacher, 32, 'had oral sex with her student, 17,
  223. Texas teacher, 46, is arrested after cops caught her 'nude from the waist down'
  224. Woman left with huge bill after Plenty of Fish date eats expensive meal
  225. Busted! lying to cops about racial attack to cover her tracks
  226. 'Sweetie, you need to stop':
  227. Wendy Kae Robinson vanished from a lake in Weatherford, Texas, in July 1987
  228. The tragic toll of America's drug epidemic:
  229. Army Major General David Haight was stripped of his stars and will retire ....
  230. US Treasure Hunter To Remain In Jail Until He Tells FBI Where He Hid 3 Tons Of Gold
  231. America's biggest spoiled brat?
  232. Orlando nightclub victims' families sue Twitter, Google, Facebook
  233. Another hate crime hoax:
  234. Sex is off the menu this Christmas....Donald Trump's fault.
  235. Tennessee Man Gets $75 Check To "Restart His Life" After Being Wrongfully Imprisoned
  236. Brooklyn postal worker 'opened dozens of letters to buy three sex toys off Groupon'
  237. The Bad Manners Awards:
  238. Rubi Ibarra García's quinceañera invite went viral on social media ....
  239. Guess Which Billionaire (From Omaha) Made More Money Than Anyone Else
  240. Afghan "Top Gun" Pilot Seeks US Asylum, Sparks Domestic Outrage
  241. Amazon Echo takes center stage in first-degree murder investigation
  242. 4 Out Of 5 Middle-Aged Brits Are Fat, Lazy Drunks; New Study Finds
  243. California Man Arrested, Charged With Driving Under The Influence Of Caffeine
  244. Hawaii Restaurant Bans Trump Voters: "You Cannot Eat Here! No Nazis."
  245. Here Are Some Of The Ridiculous New State Laws That Will Take Effect January 1st
  246. These Are The Most Expensive Zip Codes In America
  247. 'hollyweed'
  248. New York Governor Proposes "Free Tuition" For Public Universities
  249. UK Government can now record EVERYTHING you click on online under new 'Snoop
  250. Elderly couple who jumped off Las Vegas parking garage in 'joint suicide'