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02-14-2013, 08:07 AM
No registration
This is true. You do not need any kind of registration to use VPNium. This means that you can start using your VPN connection in seconds just download and start.

Is it really free?
Really free. Please use the main features without any obligations. It is absolutely enough for usual activity browsing, mailing, etc. Activate 'boooost' option if you need extra services.

Why people use VPNium?
VPNium is the best way to get all benefits of quality VPN connection if you need it from time to time. Just keep VPNium on your computer and use when you need it. No subscriptions, no monthly costs available at any time.

Browse Anonymously
Nobody will know your real ip-address.You are behind of our servers.

Do I need VPN?
Security, anonymity, no censorship the main advantages of using VPN service.

Uncensored Access
Facebook blocked in your office? Any sites blocked in your country? Use VPN and avoid censorship.

Hide your location
Servers in different countries are available for you. Connecting to different servers you're changing your location for everybody.

Public WiFi Security
You are very vulnerable when you use open hot-spots. Phishing, snooping, hacking the main threats. Encrypt your connection with VPN to avoid the risks.

What is 'boooost'?

no speed limits. Without boooost option your speed is limited to 50 KBytes/second. This speed is enough for usual activity: browsing the Internet, working with emails. If you wish to download big files (movies, songs, applications...), you need boooost option.
all protocols and ports are available. Some restrictions may be applied without 'boooost' option. If you wish to use SMTP, BitTorrent and other protocols you will boooost
access to boooost-servers. This is premium servers especially for demanding customers. No overloads, the highest stability.

Password: Twisted-Solutionz

vpnium instructions:

1. close all internet browsers and programs.
2. install vpnium but do not run.
3. apply patch.
4. run vpnium.
5. under settings, connection type change from udp to tcp.
6. choose the boost server you wish to run.
7. after fully connected to boost server, run VPNium Connection Fix.
8. wait for boost server to fully connect again.
9. now open and use your browser.

If you decide to switch boost servers then close your browser and repeat instructions 6 - 9.

Tested on win 7 hm prem 64 bit. Tested 6 boost servers and my real ip hasnt shown in two hrs on each of the 6 boost servers I have tested.

Thanks goes out to OCJ for his hard work on the patch and to Cerberus for the addon fix with instructions.