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Thread: What's the weather like your way?

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    I feel for those whom live in such cold places!
    Tomorrow i`m going fishin @ lake comanche
    the weather here is 54 cloudy and no wind.

    Will fish for spotted and largemouth bass
    They stocked the lake over the last month
    with mt.lassen trout they have pink meat
    like a salmon.

    for the bass will start trolling out from the
    s.s.marina.i`ll start out with a strike king kvd x-10
    ghost shad will troll the crankbait 75 ft behind my boat
    at about 2.5 mph.If nothing ill switch to the same lure type only
    in the sexy shad pattern. these crankbaits are killer not only on the
    bass but the trout and crappy too.i`m sure ill get some action on these lures but will
    try fishin a wacky worm senko`s and robo too just before the sun goes down.

    For the trout here you wanna use Berkeley power grubs 1.8.jig head
    and a 1.8 once split shot 18 inches above the grub.same here 75 ft behind the boat
    but sometimes they like it a little faster than the bass 3.5 mph is good too.
    Another good lure is Speedy shiners i just tie directly to the line and again
    i use a 1/8 ounce split shot 18 inches about the shiner.

    Now for the best weather report try

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    Sounds like an awesome outing,enjoy and think of us North of the border digging

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    Well with the wind we had right after the rain the snow blew away. Lucky for me!

    Today's forecast:

    A period of very cold wind chills is expected.

    Extreme wind chill values near minus 30 are expected early this morning at times in many areas.

    Wind chill values will slowly improve beginning later this morning as temperatures edge upward under the mid January sun.

    False News
    is started by haters
    spread by idiots
    and accepted by fools.

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    Quote Originally Posted by benney View Post
    So in 24 hours we went from raining hard and +12c to -12c and snowing hard.

    Forecast for tonight is -25c.
    you live in the wrong area , head south while you still can

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