Iptv freezing or sound issues how to

Having freezing issues? This can be due to many things have a look below to see if this helps, every persons internet and setup is different find what works best for you some tweaking may be done to successfully achieve freeze free IPTV TV...

- Sometimes the Administration team does tests to the server(s) and move channels, to test for better performance.

- Your internet needs to be minimum 7-10 MBPS Download and 1-3 MBPS upload speeds, If your home is filled with the latest bandwidth-draining devices, then you need a router that can keep up with your demands. From watching YouTube videos and playing the latest online games to downloading music and streaming movies, these demanding wireless activities require a fast, strong wireless connection to avoid dreaded lagging and buffering

- Using emulation stalker programs with Android boxes have many glitches and speed connect issues emulation IS NOT TRUE IPTV unit therefore does not work 100% every time

- Each receiver has Buffer Settings, this will allow you to adjust the buffer size that works best for your internet. Example for MAG250/254 units you may go into the settings menu and then advanced settings and play with your buffer from 0 - 15 seconds in my case 30MBPS Speed I have set mine to 7 I have no freeze whatsoever...

- If your running wireless and find connection is slow this could be due to the distance your router is from your unit, hardwired is always best without any interface at all, also having multiple electronics with different frequencies could also play a factor especially if you have everything crammed in 1 place...

- The lack of bandwidth a) too much traffic in the pipes provided by the ISP or b) too much garbage in the traffic..If you are using torrents or download managers at the same time as watching IPTV, the TV WILL NOT WORK. Torrent will consume ALL of the possible resources of your network and leave nothing for IPTV. The solution is very simple do not download movies while using IPTV.

- Wired routers incapable of transferring streaming video. Most of the routers that are 2 years or older were not designed to transfer streaming video. If the router has problems with interpreting the protocols and passing on the information it will make the IPTV buffer. Routers found to be more reliable and work better and with fewer problems are made by D-Linl or Wireless routers incapable of properly sending streaming video, or mis-configured, or not secured.

- Video on Demand is not working but TV channels are playing fine, or TV is not working and Video on Demand is playing fine. For the Video Club movies always best to press play on the movie then pause it right away for about 3 minutes let your internet download the movie a little so that when you press play you will have already successfully buffered some time on the movie itself.

- Sometimes rebooting your whole network including your IPTV box helps this will flush all old transfer data used in your network from all your connected devices.

MAG250/254 Bios Boot:

1. Unplug your unit
2. With your remote hold and press on the menu button above the volume controls thebutton with 3 lines and 3 dots next to it while plugging the unit keep holding until you see a blue screen.
3. In Video settings very first option make sure you choose auto by clicking the right cursor until you see AUTO
4. scroll down to exit and save press right arrow cursor and confirm changes and you will be fine

PS: we are not responsible for any setting you do to the unit after your up and running remember that

MAG250/254 RESET

1 unplug Mag254
2 push and hold the button with 3 dots and 3 lines and plug power back in you should have a blue screen with settings.
3 Check and change your setting exit save and reboot

Things you may need to change
1 Video settings should be set to your TV settings (AUTO)
2 You should be booting from nand or nand 2 which ever that works for you.
3 Factory Reset. ( Screen shows def. setting )
4.If you have done a factory reset you will notice you get a DHCP error you will repeat step 1 to boot back in the bios and simply change the BOOT mode from DHCP to NAND2 then exit and save this will do a factory default and you can start over.